Ash Skyline Plaza

Good Morning from Downtown Fort Wayne!


This shot from the OxBlue/Weigand Construction camera captures the beautiful spring sunrise as it hits the parking garage of the Ash Skyline Plaza. As our team gathers for our annual Sales Meeting at the Grand Wayne Convention Center today, we'll be thinking of our future home just a few blocks away! 

To watch the construction as it happens, visit: 


Enjoying the View


Check out our latest snapshots from downtown Fort Wayne! We know construction moves quickly - be sure to look at the Weigand Construction webcam for nearly up-to-the-minute views of progress. 











Small Start to a Big Project


See that? It may not look like much, but it's the beginning of something big - the Ash Brokerage headquarters at the Ash Skyline Plaza.

Tim Ash, our CEO, visited the construction site Thursday to see the progress and take some pictures. That little rectangle of rebar is located on top of the city-owned parking garage and is the very first piece of what will be Ash's three-story office space. 

Tim toured the site with our friends from Weigand Construction. Pictured below are Brad Knable, left, project manager of the Skyline parking garage; Todd Goodwin, project manager of the Ash Skyline Plaza; John Vorndran, superintendent of the Ash Skyline Plaza; Larry Weigand, CEO of Weigand Construction; and Tony Teeple, superintendent of Skyline Parking Garage. 


Thanks guys - keep up the great work!