Ash Skyline Plaza

By the Numbers


As financial services professionals, we obviously have a thing for numbers. These figures from our friends at Weigand Construction are no exception! 

Information from underground (utilities installed along Webster Street):

  • 335 = linear feet of storm sewer
  • 796 = linear feet of 54-inch combo sanitary sewer
  • 114 = linear feet of sanitary sewer

Data from down in the dirt:

  • 5,300 = loads of dirt from inside retention walls, not including utility spoils
  • 58,000 = total number of cubic yards those loads equaled
  • 29 = trucks at the site on Sept. 12 
  • 300 = loads they hauled in one day 

More fun and figures: 

  • The south shear tower pile cap was poured in December 2014. This single pile cap, which supports the south stair elevators and the tower crane, consists of:
    • More than 400 cubic yards of concrete
    • 135 25-foot deep auger cast piles
    • Between 60 and 70 tons of reinforcing steel
  • 1,025 auger cast piles support the Skyline structure and total nearly 4.7 miles in length
  • 1,300 pre-fabricated precast concrete structural beams, columns and deck sections are being fabricated
  • The largest single beam weighs 83,000 pounds

Check out our latest construction photos, taken Wednesday, Feb. 25. 







Building to build


Our friend Larry Weigand of Weigand Construction sent us this photo of a 275-ton crane being built for use at the Ash Skyline Plaza site. In the next couple of days, the pre-cast concrete will start to build the parking garage, and we'll see the structure take form over the next few weeks.