Top 5 Reasons Spouses Need Life Insurance

Top 5 Reasons Spouses Need Life Insurance

Being a spouse is about more than being married. It’s about providing unconditional love, friendship and support – both emotionally and financially. It’s easier to focus on emotional support, but financial support can also create invaluable peace of mind. With life insurance, it also demonstrate love beyond measure. 

To that point, are the top five reasons you should talk to your married clients about life insurance: 

  1. Someone depends on them. No matter what, having a spouse means someone depends on you. Regardless of whether both spouses working, and regardless of who the bread winner is, life insurance will play an important role in a time of great need. 

  2. They likely have debt. Whether it’s a mortgage, car loan, credit card bills, medical expenses etc., a death benefit can provide a lump sum to eliminate these debts and alleviate worry for the surviving spouse. 

  3. They may have kids. Enough said, right? We all want to be sure our children will be taken care of no matter what happens to us.   

  4. They may have a business. If a business owner dies without proper insurance and planning in place, their spouse will likely have the burden of going into business with the remaining partners or holding a fire sale to settle debt. 

  5. They will definitely have final expenses. Funeral and burial costs can amount to thousands of dollars. Without life insurance, the surviving spouse and family will likely be left with a great financial burden on top of their grief. 

Put it in Practice

If your clients are married, you now have five great conversations starters to have the talk about life insurance. Be sure every spouse has the coverage they need – because someone is depending on them … and they are depending you!


About the Author

Sharlene Woerther is passionate about addressing the universal need for protection with insurance. As an Ash Brokerage RVP, she helps agents enhance their practice by uncovering and addressing their clients’ concerns with sensible and impactful solutions. With more than 28 years of experience, she has expertise in underwriting, case design and advanced planning.