The Value of a Life

The Value of a Life

“Intrinsic value is not measured by how much money you make; it’s measured by the size of the problem you solve.” -Joe Jordan

Thirty percent of U.S. households have no life insurance protection at all. Among those that do own life insurance, 50 percent believe they don’t have enough coverage.* The question I ask myself is this: “Who’s taking responsibility to make sure these families are protected?” 

Last year, a close family friend succumbed to Leukemia. It was a two-year battle that included hope and gloom, joy and sadness, relief and desperation. When modern medicine was no longer enough to beat back her cancer, her family tried experimental drugs. When those failed, their only hope was prayer and a miracle. When she passed last fall, she left behind three young daughters, a husband and a heartbroken family.

There’s nothing our industry can do to bring this family’s mother back, and nothing we can offer to bring this man’s wife back – but what we can do is still significant. It’s beyond simply providing a check with a few zeros. We can make sure this family has the resources to provide childcare when Dad goes back to work, and we can make sure he doesn’t need to quit his passion (teaching school) in order to maintain their lifestyle. We can also make sure these girls can afford to go to college and have the resources to follow their dreams.

What we can give is peace of mind in the darkest of moments. What we can give helps families, businesses and charities to weather the storms that life inevitably gives us. What we can give helps men and women leave legacies that last long after they’re gone.

This brings me back to my question and leads me to the answer. “Who’s taking responsibility to ensure that these families are protected?” We are.


*LIMRA: “Facts About Life 2013”