The Swiss Army Knife of Protection

The Swiss Army Knife of Protection

What’s so great about a Swiss Army knife? Instead of carrying around an entire toolbox, you have just one tool with nearly everything you could need – a knife, screwdriver, corkscrew, saw, bottle opener, scissors and more. It’s convenient, and you’re ready for nearly any occasion. 

Now let me ask you this: What’s so great about life insurance? You and I know it’s great because it helps protect your loved ones … But your clients might be thinking, “Nothing because I have to die to use it.” Well, if that’s their attitude and they buy a policy merely for its death benefits, then they’re sort of correct. 

What if you changed the conversation and told them they could have a life insurance policy with more “tools” – ones they could use while they’re still living? Designed correctly, the right policy can potentially: 

  • Pay its own premiums if they were to get sick or become disabled and lose their income
  • Help cover medical expenses, should they need long-term care
  • Provide extra income in retirement so they’ll have enough money as long as they live
  • STILL give their loved ones a death benefit 

These packaged, self-fulfilling insurance policies are like Swiss Army knives for your clients’ financial futures. The right solution can help protect against early death, disability, retirement income shortage and long-term care needs ... all in one simple, convenient tool. 

Put It In Practice: Don’t let your clients discount life insurance because its main benefit is used after their death. Show them how they can cover many of their financial needs with one versatile product – the Swiss Army knife of protection!