The Most Straightforward Platform for Term Life Insurance

The Most Straightforward Platform for Term Life Insurance

The way you write insurance is everchanging. Calculators replaced ledgers. Smartphones replaced calculators. It’s as common to check in with your clients by text as it is a phone call. And as postal mail has been replaced by email, paper applications have been replaced with digital solutions. Technological innovations have added value for your clients.

Nobody likes filling out 50-page term insurance applications. And now you don’t have to. At the same time, you can increase the value you bring to your clients by leveraging accelerated underwriting programs not available through paper apps.

Term insurance is finally straightforward. Yes, we know it’s a bold claim. Over the past several years, the insurance industry has been trying to go digital. Each carrier has a different platform. A different process and different rules. Trying to figure them out has been daunting, to say the least.

Introducing Ash Term Express

We get it if you’re skeptical. What makes Ash Term Express different? And is it really worth trying to learn yet another digital platform? Yes, absolutely. We've taken the guesswork out of quoting, to bring you the best term options for your clients. So, let’s take a minute to discuss how it works and why it's different.

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Avoids surprises with built-in health questions

more accurate quoting means less time for clients to change their minds and decline coverage

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Identifies the best carrier

Take the guesswork out of the process by filtering which carrier’s accelerated underwriting (AU) program is best for your client

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Saves time

on average AU shaves process time by three weeks while taking the guesswork out of the process

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Works on any device

quote and take an application from anywhere

Focus on Accelerated Underwriting (AU)

This is the big one. By putting an emphasis on accelerated underwriting, we reduce time and frustration. Evidence shows that approval and placement rates are higher with accelerated underwriting. On average, AU cuts the process time by three weeks.

Let's look at an actual advisor. We'll call him "Paper Pete." Over two years, Paper Pete submitted 33 paper applications. Of those:

  • Nine would have qualified for accelerated underwriting if they had been submitted digitally
  • Four would have been approved three weeks quicker

While four clients represent only 10% of this advisor’s business, for those four clients, the difference would have been huge. Their goals of protecting their families would have been completed faster and easier, giving you more time for other clients.

  Accelerated UW Traditional UW Savings
Cycle Time to Issue 34 days 56 days 22 days
Cycle Time to In-force 51 days 73 days 21 days

*Based on 36,000 term insurance apps submitted to Ash Brokerage in 2019, with 23% applying for AU

It’s faster and more convenient for you and your client because underwriting is completed based on data, instead of on labs and medical records. And it means less time for clients to change their minds and decline coverage.

Save time with one system for ALL term carriers

Ash Term Express encompasses two pieces: the Ash Quoter and the Ash Express Application. The platform understands and quickly lets you see which accelerated underwriting program is best for your client, if applicable. It also offers insight as to which carrier is most likely to accept the client’s health conditions — meaning more accurate quoting and fewer surprises during underwriting. You don’t have to guess which carrier will be best or duplicate work switching carriers.

  e-App Paper App Savings
Cycle Time to Approval 38 days 44 days 6 days
Cycle Time to In-force 66 days 73 days 7 days

*Based on 36,000 term insurance apps submitted to Ash Brokerage in 2019, with 23% applying for AU

And, once you’re ready to complete the application, it tailors necessary information based on client responses and carrier selection, so no time is wasted answering unnecessary questions. Information entered into the Quoter flows straight into the Express Application.

Works on ANY device

Switch back and forth between computer, phone and tablet. The platform is responsive and convenient.


See It In Action

Term insurance is a simple product. Getting a policy issued for your clients should be simple too. Using industry advances, combined with our own experience, Ash Term Express is the platform for today.

If you’ve put off going digital because of the hassle of navigating clumsy systems, the wait is over. Ash Term Express is 100% digital, simple and fast. Which means it’s perfect for our new virtual world. But to really understand the difference, you need to experience it for yourself. So, give it a try.

Check out this webinar replay where Todd Ruplinger, Chief Distribution & Innovation Officer, walks through how the new tools can help you make life (insurance) easier!