Such a Different Mindset

Such a Different Mindset

I have to say, women are much better planners than men.  Could you imagine if it were up to us men to make plans for a vacation? The clothes would be shoved in the suitcases and out the door we’d go … only to reach the destination and realize we forgot our toothbrushes. 

I know I’m thankful for all my wife does. She cooks for us, shops for us, and helps keep us all healthy. Without her, I’m sure we’d have bologna and hot dogs in the fridge … and probably not much else.  

Well, when it comes to getting our finances in order, the same holds somewhat true. I’m talking about more than just balancing the checkbook and making sure the bills get paid on time, however. I’m talking about making sure everything is in order so your family doesn’t have to go through any extra heartaches. Women are naturally better at this because they think about others before they think about themselves. 

That’s where long-term care planning comes into play. Women just get it. They understand it has nothing to do with them, and everything to do with their family. No selfish decisions, no unnecessary risks. They are proactive about getting all of their ducks in a row.

Put It In Practice: We could all learn a thing or two from women in this respect. When we start looking at insurance solutions, let’s start thinking about the people in our lives who will be dealing with the consequences of our actions. It has nothing to do whether we may need long-term care, and everything to do with the impact that need would create.

So thank you to all the women who put others first.  Without you, our lives would be a mess, and our toothbrushes would still be at home.