Meet Me on the Green: Why and How You Should Golf with Your Clients

Meet Me on the Green: Why and How You Should Golf with Your Clients

No other sport allows you to develop a lasting professional bond like golf does. Whether it’s with clients or colleagues, golf will get you out of the office and into nature, allowing you to build or renew relationships in a relaxed setting.  

If you want to get more out of your meetings, you should consider making your next appointment out on the links for a few reasons: 

  • The game is accessible to all skill levels and ages
  • It takes typically 4 hours to play 18 holes, which gives you ample time to engage with your clients 
  • You have the opportunity to make a memorable moment – if someone chips in or miraculously makes a hole-in-one, you all have a lasting memory to share for years to come 

But remember, the sport isn’t always easy. Built on a culture of integrity, it can be a true test of your character. Golf is something you can always practice but never perfect, which requires serious patience and resilience. We all know it can be easy to get angry over a bad shot (it happens!) … but if you lose your temper on the course, you could also lose a client. 

When you’re out with your buddies, you can be as competitive as you want. But, when you’re out with your clients, you don’t want to take the game too seriously. To ensure everyone has a good time, consider these tips when you plan your next professional outing: 

  • Take your guest(s) to a nice course – it can be public or private, but remember, the setting you choose sets the tone for your day 
  • If possible, know everyone’s handicaps so you can play an on-course game and keep all parties engaged
  • Let everyone get warmed up – wait a few holes to discuss any business matters
  • If you’re trying to build a new relationship, consider treating each guest with a sleeve of balls 

Whether you’re a regular golfer or occasional putt-putter, your clients will appreciate an outing with you. Take advantage of the time to bond, talk a little business, and have fun. 


About the Author

As a Life Insurance Portfolio Analyst at Ash Brokerage, Chris Kratzert helps advisors ensure their clients’ existing policies remain the best available solutions to meet their needs. He has been with Ash for more than six years, and has a business marketing degree from Ball State University.  

As a golfer, Chris has a current handicap index of +0.3 and has played in amateur tournaments at the state and national level. He comes from a family of great golfers – his grandfather, William Kratzert, was a country club professional, and his uncle, Billy Kratzert, and aunt, Cathy Gerring, have won on professional tours. Currently, his uncle is a golf analyst at The Golf Channel and various networks.