Defense Wins Championships, in Football and Finance

Defense Wins Championships, in Football and Finance

It’s been said, “Defense wins championships.” With the Super Bowl celebrating its 50th year, you’ve likely heard the talking heads repeat this phrase as it relates to football’s biggest game. But, the same wisdom can apply in the world of financial planning. Amidst uncertain market conditions, it’s paramount we protect clients’ accumulated assets. 


The Boom

Football smashed its way into the hearts of Americans 50 years ago, as the middle class emerged post-World War II. Five decades later, the baby boomers have endured tumultuous markets and watched their wealth accumulate as they prepared to retire. 

In the meantime, some important things changed:  

  • Medical technology and access to health care improved, and continues to improve …
  • As a result, the average human lifespan also improved, and retirees are living longer than they planned

Now, many Americans are faced with the harsh reality that they may run out of money in retirement, especially when factoring in the likelihood of needing extended medical care at some point in their lives.   

The Challenge

Financial professionals have long focused on accumulation as a core competency, but too frequently overlook the protection vehicles such as life insurance, annuities or long-term care. These solutions are not widely understood, and quickly deemed by many as, “expensive” or “unnecessary.”  

However, market volatility, living too long, and costly health care needs are variables that can derail even the best of plans. Protection products not only provide a level of comfort when facing these risks, but they also provide tax advantages and guarantees not available through other financial vehicles. 

The Game Plan

In the fourth quarter of life, your clients want to be confident their retirement strategy is sound. Many are looking to a financial “defensive coordinator” to make sure their asset management game plan includes solid protection for potential risks. 

Be that defensive coordinator. Help them win. After all, everyone wants a chance to compete for the championship.


About the Author

As an Ash Brokerage RVP, Kurt believes in doing more than providing quality insurance solutions – he works to build longstanding, trusting relationships through mutual interests, goals and morals. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Columbia University, where he studied political science and economics, and also played football. His career experience includes wholesaling with Lincoln Financial Group as well as a stint with the U.S. Attorney Office.