COVID Vaccination Related Deaths

COVID Vaccination Related Deaths

In response to concerns surfacing on social media making allegations that life insurance carriers are refusing death claims involving vaccinated clients as a result of COVID vaccinations being deemed “experimental” due to Emergency Use Authorization Ash Brokerage has surveyed our carrier partners.  


We connected with Chief Underwriters, Underwriting Officers and Managers representing over 15 of the industry’s leading insurance carriers.  All carriers have advised their contracts (pre & post COVID) do not have exclusions regarding pandemics, COVID related deaths or deaths as a result of COVID vaccinations. 


The extreme circumstance would be if such a client had a pre-existing condition that was blatantly misrepresented on their application, the contract is still in the contestable period in which case the claim would be fully evaluated and denial could be considered.  Processing of these death claims remains unchanged, with the same high integrity business practices we all proudly represent.  


Several carriers are determining if they will produce press releases, others are finalizing them, a few referred me to the attached statement from ACLI ( which establishes allegations as unfounded and incorrect. 


After much research, dialog and discussion please be rest assured, vaccinations against coronavirus will not impact the well-established and customary claims practices for life insurance policies. Please contact us should you have any additional questions, the peace of mind for all we serve is of great importance to Ash and our carrier partners.