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Managing Client Expectations: Carrier Delays


There can be no doubt that 2020 has provided an abundance of new challenges paired up with an unprecedented amount of change within our industry. An entire workforce has needed to adapt to a remote and virtual environment. At the same time, carriers and vendors have sought out creative ways to continue to keep moving business moving forward at a pre-pandemic pace. 

Enhanced digital submission and delivery options, electronic health records, and simplified underwriting programs have all been beneficial in navigating this unfamiliar routine.  

For the most part over the past six months, our carrier partners have been able to function normally – with minimal effect on service turn-around times. However, even with digital advancements, challenges ranging from regional storms to vendor closures are affecting some carriers’ ability to process business.   

The most tangible delays had been limited to Principal, due to a massive influx of business submitted through their industry-leading Accelerated Underwriting program. Unfortunately, we’re beginning to see some delays at more than just a few isolated carriers. Turnaround times are beginning to be affected. 

Managing expectations is central to driving a positive client experience. Policies are still being approved and issued. Lives continue to be impacted. We simply need to note that there are currently delays in the process.

Problem-solving is one of Ash Brokerage’s core values. We continue to look for ways to bring solutions to you and your clients. Should an obstacle arise, we see it as an opportunity. And while this year is uncommon in every sense, we’ve been rising to the challenge for nearly 50 years. We have the tools and, more importantly, the people, to get the job done right. We’ll help you navigate this landscape with transparency and alternate recommendations as needed. 

Whatever the question, whatever the need. Ash Answers.

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