2 Laws of Long-Term Care Planning

2 Laws of Long-Term Care Planning

You put long-term care at the bottom of your client agenda – again. You avoided it. You decided, “It can wait.” But can it really? Or, more importantly, what are the costs of waiting?

There’s a lot of change in the long-term care market, but two facts will always be certain:

  1. Insurance will cost more the longer you wait to apply
  2. As you age, your health will change – and usually not for the better

The best time to create a plan isn’t 60 or 70. It’s actually 40 or 50. In fact, the average buyer is in their mid-50s. These clients are seeing their parents deal with extended care and it’s front of mind. They don’t want to pass that burden to their own children.

Just Ask

Don’t wait. Here are some questions to ask at your next client meeting:

  • Have you thought about the savings potential of buying a plan while rates are low?
  • How would your family be impacted if something were to happen to you today?
  • Would it give you peace of mind to have a plan in place, just in case?

Keep Talking

We’ve discussed nearly all of the most common client concerns when it comes to discussing long-term care

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