Get JourneyGuide Software at a 10% Discount

Get JourneyGuide Software at a 10% Discount

JourneyGuide started as an idea at Ash Brokerage. Today, it functions as its own separate entity, with a retirement income planning software unlike others in the industry.

When looking to add a new planning tool to our retirement platform, there were three things it had to accomplish:

  1. Improve the retirement outcomes for clients
  2. Grow an advisor’s business
  3. Show how annuities fit into a retirement plan

JourneyGuide does that. As Ash's retirement solutions platform quickly approaches $2 billion in annual annuity deposits, it's important to add value and help document why an annuity is in the best interest of your clients. We evaluated several market-leading financial planning tools. JourneyGuide won on sales capacity, simplicity and speed.

No matter what the model – RIA, independent or broker-dealer – advisors using JourneyGuide have increased their annuity proposals. Some even doubled their annuity sales. The interface is easy to use and allows you to show how the annuity works in the clients’ best interest. You can develop an annuity-inclusive retirement plan, collaboratively with your clients, in under 15 minutes. Your clients will be able to visually see the impact it has on their portfolio.

I could go on and on, but here’s the bottom line: I prefer completing a plan in real time with the client, proposing more guaranteed income using annuities, and winning more business as a result. It’s tested, and it works.

Through your Ash team, you can now get JourneyGuide at a 10% discount. You can read more about our selection process in the official press release. More importantly, you should reach out to your Ash Retirement Income Consultant for details on how to get signed up.

Everything we do centers on helping you grow their business. The JourneyGuide team shares that vision, and now you can too.