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e-Delivery: Make the Switch


To our partners in protecting lives: 

Life insurance isn’t easy. But that doesn’t mean our work has to be difficult. That’s why Ash Brokerage is rolling out changes that will simplify and streamline your business. To give you better, faster and more accurate service, starting June 5, e-delivery will be used for life insurance cases with the following carriers:

  • AIG
  • Lincoln National 
  • Protective
  • SBLI

E-delivery is just one piece of a suite of electronic tools you can use to make your work easier. I strongly encourage you to take full advantage of our e-application and e-delivery platforms – not just with the carriers listed above, but with any carrier you’re working with. With simplified and streamlined service, you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the switch sooner. 

Your Business, Simplified

By using our full offering of electronic tools for e-applications and e-delivery, you’ll:

Check!   Ensure proper forms are used and apps are in good order (IGO)
No circling back for missing requirements

Check!   Reduce your overhead costs
No printing or mailing required

Check!   Allow clients to engage on their terms
Take delivery on the go; collect signatures from multiple parties at the same time

Check!   Improve cycle times and placement ratios
Close more cases and get your commissions faster


Go Digital and Get More

Earlier this year, our case management teams were restructured to include e-application specialists. Your e-app case manager is trained and ready to help you make an easy transition to our digital platforms. If you haven’t already, you can reach out to them to get started on your next case.

Cases can still be processed via paper application, but after you experience the ease of doing business digitally, you may not want to go back!

Commitment to Service

I promise you this: No matter the case size, we’re here to help. A computer will never replace our care and commitment to you. We’re here to help you build your business and protect your clients’ lives. That will never change.



About the Author


Tim Ash is known as a visionary in the financial services community. He is an industry leader who envisions a future where insurance is easy, affordable and an essential part of a sound financial plan.  

As CEO of Ash Brokerage, Tim has fostered an environment of success with team-focused empowerment and client-centered service. He has built a culture where people not only believe in what they do, but more importantly, they understand the reason behind their efforts. Everyone at Ash Brokerage knows their work makes a difference — in the lives of their clients and their communities. 

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