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First Impressions: Internships at Ash Brokerage


Around here, interns don’t just sit on the sidelines – they’re in the game working with some of the best in the business! We want to help grow the next generation of professionals because we know they’ll help us grow in return.


We recently asked our interns an important question: What was your first impression of Ash Brokerage? We’re flattered by what they had to say!


Piercen Harnish, Rotational Co-op:

I like that everyone is treated as a valuable member of the Ash team. Even as an intern, I got to jump right into the deep end and help fill a role within the company. 


Shelby Richardson, Accounting Co-op:

Of course, the cool new building left an awesome first impression, but the people are what really left a lasting impression on me. Everyone was very welcoming and made me feel like this is right where I belong! Not to mention their passion for their work and dedication to helping others.


Seth Lugibihl, Developer Intern:

Everyone at Ash Brokerage has been extremely welcoming since day one. The people here are a close-knit community that are passionate about their work with a strong vision for the future.

Nicholas Wybo, Help Desk Intern:

Coming from a manufacturing environment, I was thoroughly impressed with Ash. The environment change was almost overwhelming. Extremely impressed with the consistency of infrastructure. I was used to working with companies who priorities were not keeping up to date with computer systems. This would make my job extremely difficult. All in all, it’s a great company and I look forward to continuing my work here.


Michael McDaniel, Developer Intern:

People at Ash work together to create good results in a professional manner, employees want to see each other succeed; they receive any question and are happy to help! Overall, Ash seems like a great place to learn and work!


Austin Ash, Protection Sales Intern:

I never imagined that so many of my co-workers would become my friends. 


Want to see what they’re talking about? Make your own first impressions by applying to join our team. See our current openings at: 

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