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This Summer, Choose Your Own Balance


A strawberry moon on the summer solstice was a picture perfect start to the 2016 summer season. We had an amazing view from our front porch of this glorious, won’t-happen-again-for-70-years event. Time seemed to stand still as a warm summer breeze blew. The crickets serenaded us, and fireflies twinkled all around. As I soaked in the moment, I made a mental note to enjoy it. To REALLY be in the moment and simply relish it. 

Thirty years have passed since the term “work-life balance” came into view in our country. I marvel at how much effort I see toward finding THE perfect balance between work and play. Books have been written, seminars given, groups organized … all to help people find their balance. 

To me, balance is a feeling – no right or wrong, no play over work or vice versa. It’s about being present and making the most out of what I want in that moment or in the future. Following that mantra has helped me avoid feeling out of balance in my professional and personal life. 

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I choose to look at all aspects of my life and search for the available opportunities, regardless of their professional or personal nature. The key to my balance (most of the time) is to think about what outcome I desire and then work my hardest to get there. 

A business trip that could lead to a successful venture may mean I miss my book club meeting. Making my son’s lacrosse game could mean I miss that 5 p.m. conference call. I permit myself, as much as possible, the ability to choose my balance. Experience tells me that in the long run, all things level out, so though I chose carefully I remind myself to do so without pangs of regret. 

Summer may not be the laid-back season we remember from our childhoods, but with some good planning and admiration for those summer solstice moments … it sure can feel close. 


About the Author

Maria Sarci has more than 25 years of experience in financial services, with a specialty in longevity planning. As VP of Strategic Initiatives at Ash Brokerage, she leads national account management efforts and the implementation of retention strategies. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and three children.