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Stay Active, Stay Positive


As one of the more “senior” employees at Ash Brokerage, I know firsthand the difference a healthy lifestyle can have on your body and mind, no matter your age.

About seven years ago, a friend talked me into running at Fort4Fitness, a local festival of races including a 4-miler, 10k or half-marathon. After that race, I was hooked. I started jogging in at least one 5k race every month. Last year, however, I put away the jogging shoes and picked up a bicycle – easier on the knees and I can coast! 

No matter the workout, I know being active has made a difference, and I’ve realized two things. One, I feel better and exercise helps me keep a positive attitude. Two, my lifestyle has influenced the people around me – they see my achievements and are motivated to make their own. 

Remember to take any training just one step at a time. I hope to see you this fall at Fort4Fitness – it will be No. 7 for me!

Blogs: 3 Things (x3!) To Get Started


Blogging doesn’t have to be hard. I work with a lot of professionals who say they’d like to blog but have no idea where to start, or they don’t see the value. Well, I’m here to tell you blogging can be well worth your time if you approach it the right way. Here are my thoughts to get you started. 

3 Reasons You Should Be Blogging

  • Engagement – Blogs allow you to personally connect with your clients; they give you a chance to capture and hold their attention, and potentially interact through discussion and shares on social media.

  • Thought Leadership – By sharing your insights and knowledge with others, you could be seen as a respected resource for information and advice – isn’t that what we all want? 

  • Branding – Your brand is your story, so get out there and tell it! A blog is a great platform to explain your purpose (WHY you do what you do, not WHAT you do), and share your personality.

3 Ideas to Write a Post

  • Tell a Story – It could be about a case that changed the way you do business, or how running a marathon taught you a life lesson. Either way, personal stories make for good reading. 

  • Give an opinion (on a current event, article or trend) – What did you think of that big thing on the news last week? Did you read a book that you really liked? Share your thoughts. 

  • Offer Assistance – Think of simple advice, tips or directions you can give to make your clients’ lives easier. Steer away from complicated or regulated information – make the action steps easy to implement, or offer links to other resources they may find helpful. 

3 Things to Remember 

  • Keep it Simple – You don’t have to use impressive language or dive into technical subjects – the tone should be conversational. The best writing comes from the heart.

  • Keep it Regular – Don’t write one post and wait a year to write another. Choose a schedule – weekly, monthly or quarterly – and stick to it. This will help you build your audience over time.

  • Keep it Short – Our attention spans are shorter than that of a goldfish. If you make your point in as few words as possible, more people will read your posts from start to finish. 

Now it’s up to YOU! Get out there and get writing – and sharing – your blog. You likely won’t have a viral hit with your first draft, but the more you post, the more you’ll see the impact you can have. 

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