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All You Need Is Love…Insurance!


All You Need Is Love…Insurance!  

How many of you are truly surprised to already see Valentine's stuff in the store?  How many of you are thinking, "We just had Christmas.  Can you give it a second!?"  I know, right?

However, did you know every day in the financial services world it's Valentine's Day?  When we write an insurance policy, isn't it really a Love Insurance policy?  Even if the situation is something as dismal as a divorce can be, aren't the partners really saying, "I am buying this coverage to celebrate the love we shared and want to be sure you're going to be ok if something happens to me."  It's all about the love we feel for each other.

Business owners may not even consider what they have for their different investment partners as "love", but it still is.  Many different times I've encountered clients who had buy/sell agreements that went unfunded, business owners without key man policies on their brightest talent and succession plans that needed a vehicle. Once we point out these areas where there's a risk that needs to be filled and the coverage is obtained, wasn't it a type of love that drove that insurance purchase?  Of course!  If they didn't care (and some do not!) then they would leave the area of risk exposed.

Today we celebrate the day The Beatles came to America and I'm grateful that John Lennon wrote the words, "All You Need Is Love" because he's right.  Love is all you need.

Be a Tigger, not an Eeyore


Last year, I adopted a new way of thinking that drastically changed my life. I can’t really define the "ah-ha" moment specifically, but through discipline and a conscious breaking of old patterns and habits, I’ve been able to maintain a new Tigger state of mind. You can, too! 

Like Tigger (who, if you don’t know, is a bouncy, trouncy, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun character from “Winnie the Pooh”), I’ve promoted and sought out pure positivity in everything over the past several months. I especially look out for the gifts, surprises, blessings and miracles that I, like many others I suspect, tend to miss. It’s way too easy to spend your life looking down and inward rather than up and outward. 

Throughout this journey, I have experienced numerous setbacks, doubts, challenges and external attacks. It’s crucial to not let these forces knock you off course. That is best accomplished by a lot of internal conversations (out loud, if necessary!) and seeking out other Tiggers.

Unlike the real Tigger, I am NOT the only one. Finding, recruiting and looking out for other Tiggers can make the journey safer and easier. Going it solo is almost impossible, especially when the attacks come (of this I am an expert). I am certain I would have failed and required a new beginning if it were not for some very special relationships that have developed out of these efforts. You can become rather powerful when you are TOLD you are loved, shown you are loved, and especially when you KNOW you are loved. 

Another very important key to success is to avoid the Eeyores. (Again, if you don’t know, Eeyore is the opposite of Tigger – always down in the dumps.) Eeyores can come in the form of negative forces, people and situations that are built and sent to pull you back into your negative ways. As tough as it may be, rendering their influence useless is crucial. It can be a sensitive issue when the Eeyore is a close friend, co-worker or even a significant other. We must push through this. You can’t make everyone see the benefits of being a Tigger, but you also can’t let them stop you from enjoying life. 

For me, it’s simple: I just want to make people smile.

I don’t consider myself bulletproof from my old ways, so I BEG for accountability. If anyone catches me, or any other fellow Tigger, not bouncing, please remind us. For me, that’s usually all it takes to nudge me back on course. Happy bouncing!