Top of the Mountain

Top of the Mountain

Standing at the edge of Erickson Bowl, elevation 12,480, in Keystone, Colorado, I was in awe. As I looked out on the summit at Keystone Peak, searching for a line to being my descent down the snow-covered mountain, the sunlight was blinding. I noticed the fresh smell of minty pine, and the view of pristine blue skies and crystal white snow took my breath away.

This is was a place of tranquility, but the atmosphere shifted quickly and the piercing cold wind was a shock to my face. I’d made the steep journey to the summit, but I stood there frightened about the possibilities of the suicide mission to return. 

As I flew down at 60 miles an hour, I had to trust my equipment, my knowledge of the terrain and my technical skills. I veered right and left, avoiding trees and boulders that could potentially kill me in a second. It was a thrill, but a very risky thrill, and I couldn’t have done it without preparation. 

Right now, your clients are at the mountaintop of a six-year bull market, and volatility has returned. They may feel uncertain and unprepared for the potential risks they face – inflation, health care and outliving their money. Do you know how to guide them through the terrain to safety? 

The Bottom Line: You can enjoy the view from the top … but eventually, you’ll have to head back down from the summit. Ash Brokerage can help you mitigate risks and successfully navigate the retirement mountain. We’ll educate you on latest strategies and solutions to help maximize lifetime income while keeping your clients’ nest eggs intact.