Tools I Didn’t Know Existed

Tools I Didn’t Know Existed

One of our carrier partners visited a couple of weeks ago, and I talked to the wholesaler about her friend who is an ultra-marathoner, running more than 100 miles in races. We also talked about my running, which had been reduced because of some hip pain I began experiencing. At that point, I was only able to run one or two miles before my hip hurt so much I had to stop running.  

The wholesaler mentioned a shoe I’d never heard of before – the Hoka One One. She had me look it up right away, and at first glance, I thought it looked like a heavy brick you would attach to your feet. She talked about the cushion and explained that her friend was able to complete long runs comfortably since moving to this shoe. I remained skeptical. I’d been loyal to the same brand and same shoe for the past seven years of running. Every other time I tried a new shoe, I got blisters, foot pain and hip pain, so I always ended back in the same model as before.  

Reluctantly, I decided I had to try something to help my hip, and there was specialty running store where I was going to be staying for the weekend. I purchased the Hokas – they were the most expensive running shoes I had ever purchased. However, they are incredibility comfortable. In the prior 30 days, I had only been able to run about 20 miles total due to the pain. In the first week of wearing the Hokas, I’ve been able to run 11 miles comfortably. I’m back to increasing my mileage, improving my times and enjoying my running. 

I share this experience as an example of, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” I was locked into one shoe because I had success with it previously. But, my body has changed – as do economic environments, client expectations, client goals and purposes of monies. 

We have to be more open to looking at alternatives. Even slight adjustments or updates can greatly enhance our chances for success. Instead of thinking about your old, comfortable shoes, try to think about how the new, improved, better chance for success shoe could help you. I challenge everyone to change their mindset, be open to new ideas to help clients, and be focused on finding solutions instead of remaining in their comfort zone.

The Bottom Line: We get comfortable with the way we do business. Challenge yourself to think differently, act differently and create different results with clients using different strategies.