The Risky Business of Life

The Risky Business of Life

Seemingly everything we do as part of our normal daily lives has some level of risk. We make decisions every day to help mitigate our level of risk; some of these decisions are even done subconsciously or purely out of habit. 

Some activities in our daily routines have a risk associated with them, whether we know it or not.  For instance, how many of you have ever read the back of your toothpaste tube? I decided to read mine this morning and found, “Warning: If more than used for brushing is accidentally swallowed, get medical help or contact a poison control center right away.” Who knew using too much toothpaste was a risk? 

Many risks are viewed differently today than they were 20 years ago, and I would say as a society, we have become much more risk averse. When I was a kid, my father had a two-door pickup truck with a cover on the back of it. Occasionally on the weekends, he and my mom would put all our bicycles in the back of the truck and take us to the park to ride our around the pond. The part I remember being most fun is all three of us kids riding in the back of the truck as well. Today, I would venture to say there are very few who would attempt this stunt, and if someone did, they would get plenty of dirty looks.

Although smoking cigarettes has become taboo and organic food is the new vogue, many Americans still take unnecessary risks with their investments. While we have had an amazing bull market and are achieving new all-time highs since the lows in March of 2009, there are certainly still risks when investing in equities. 

At a time when we are becoming more conservative as a society, many people are becoming less risk averse with money; perhaps simply because they are not aware of any good options that eliminate or reduce risk.  

The Bottom Line: At Ash Brokerage, we offer great solutions for Americans who are concerned about risk associated with their money and want to help as many of them as possible to address their needs/concerns. If any of your clients are looking to mitigate risk in their portfolio, you should get in touch.