Retirement income opportunity ready to explode

Retirement income opportunity ready to explode

Today, the United States has 42 million retirees, and by 2025, the number will grow to 65 million – meaning  nearly 4 million people a year will be entering retirement. LIMRA estimates that the value of assets held by those ages 55 and above will double to nearly 22 trillion by 2020. 

This opportunity was validated by a recent BlackRock Investor Pulse Survey. Key takeaways from the polled investors (defined as having investable assets of $50,000 or more) include:

  • 62% were concerned about having enough income from investments to live comfortably in retirement
  • 54% agreed with the statement “I'm worried about outliving my savings”
  • 73% agreed, “Keeping my money safe is more important to me than trying to generate returns” 

BlackRock President Rob Kapito said, "People are living longer than ever before, dramatically altering the financial challenges of retirement … Increased longevity is a blessing, but it’s an expensive one because that translates into the need for a bigger retirement nest egg and access to secure, retirement-long income. As our survey suggests, many Americans simply won't have the money they need to enjoy their longer lives if they don’t start investing differently.”

So if you aren’t educating yourself on guaranteed income options for your clients, I’ll bet they’ll be asking another advisor instead.

Ash Brokerage has access to a diverse lineup of fixed index annuities with lifetime withdrawal benefits, including predictable income and income that has the opportunity to increase based on your clients' chosen allocations. You know your clients better than we do, but we know which solutions can be tailored to meet their needs. Call us today – we’ll take it from there.