Income, Income, Income

Income, Income, Income

As I write this, I’m traveling back from an industry meeting that my company sponsors. Being a numbers guy, I always enjoy hearing how the year unfolded, best practices in technology, and where sales increased and to what degree.

However, one of the disturbing trends that I noticed is our industry’s lack of focus on the best benefit of annuities: income.

In 2017, the industry lost $30 billion in sales that involved income, according to LIMRA. That trend continued in 2018. Economic conditions are the most likely reason for the continued shift. After all, clients have looked for safer places to place their retirement savings with the recent volatility in the fourth quarter of 2018. Basically, it’s been easy to sell annuities without the complexity of an income rider or loss of control due to the use of SPIAs or DIAs.

We tend to sell what clients want, not what they need. Ultimately, we have to work in conjunction with our clients’ goals but, too often, it feels like we may not be hitting the true need when we complete a transaction that doesn’t involve an income discussion.

Asset protection is an important function in today’s market conditions. Don’t get me wrong … annuities provide value to many portfolios with interest rates increasing, market fluctuations, and tax-deferred growth on nonqualified assets.

However, the biggest lift that annuities provide is the opportunity for lifetime income. Longevity affects so many other risks during retirement. The ability to shift this single risk to an insurer greatly enhances the probability of success in retirement.

Sequence-of-return risk remains a variable that no one can predict. The timing of a correction – in a modest or full bear market – can make as much as a 13-year difference in how long a client’s assets last. Without guaranteed income in place, an ill-timed downturn may affect the lifestyles of Americans who are depending on systematic withdrawals. Strategies that maximize Social Security and guaranteed income options can provide stress relief on the portfolio.

At the end of the day, failure of a portfolio with guaranteed income is not catastrophic. Portfolios without guaranteed income will be force into a different lifestyle.

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With guaranteed income, failure is not catastrophic. Change your focus and talk to your clients about holistic income planning.

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