How to Use Automation to Build Relationships

How to Use Automation to Build Relationships


It’s one of the main things that separates a High Performing Practice. Yes, it’s really that simple.

But, you should focus on where you put that effort. Ultimately it should be on practices that create unique, personal connections with your clients. Marketing can either be the way you make that happen, or for some, the very reason you’re spinning your wheels.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve talked about gaining more exposure through marketing. How it’s difficult to commit the time, energy and effort needed to do all the right things. And how important it is to create content that adds value for your clients.

But we’ve also provided solutions to make it easier to hit your marketing goals. Today, I want to offer you another solution: automation.

By adding automation to your marketing plan, you can spend your time building relationships and really getting to know your audience instead of sending emails and chasing leads.

You’ve created content that is valuable to your clients. They are willing to exchange their email address for it. Now, what are you going to do with their information? How do you proactively follow up with customized content for each individual client? In other words, how do you automate?

The good news is, compared to writing an effective email and creating content that matters, automation can be the easy part. There are several different vendors out there that can create automated emails for each different type of client. I’ve broken it down into three easy steps:

  1. Create valuable content that requires an email address to download
  2. Use a vendor to build an automated nurture campaign
  3. Chose topics that can be easily translated into different forms

Let’s look at an example. You created a downloadable pdf about asset management and you want it to be the first step in a compelling five- to six-step automated email campaign. To get the pdf, clients offer their email address, which can automatically be entered into a proactive email nurturing campaign. Once it’s turned on by your vendor, you are using automation to talk to your target audience!

Many vendors can do this easily, and for a low cost. You decide when to turn on the campaign whenever the time is right.  Maybe you want to wait a few months and use the campaign to remind people that you’re still here and that you still offer that item that interested them in the first place.

Think about ways to automate your campaigns — and, to some extent, your content. Using video, for example, can allow you to create multiple pieces of content from one source. Inexpensive translation software can turn video into a written blog.  It’s an easy way to accumulate content for your website. Try it with a few different subjects, and then track which ones are the most popular. Requiring an email address to download makes this easy to track — and, of course, adds them to your nurture campaign. Automatically.

One word of caution: Automation isn’t a golden ticket. It’s a tool. You’ll still need to create good content that attracts clients and offers value. The key here is to value your time. Look for a partner who can help with tasks that don’t demand your individual attention, so you can spend more time focused on your clients.



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Automate as much as you can.