Guaranteed Income and Success

Guaranteed Income and Success

Over the past four and a half years, my firm has been working on a software tool to help Americans think and act differently in preparation for retirement. JourneyGuide  helps identify how a client will meet their spending needs on an after-tax, after-inflation basis. It’s fast, accurate, and it allows you to work with your client not just for your client. 


Important findings have been coming out of the software for some time. I find the most important aspect revolves around guaranteed income and the positive effects it has on the portfolio. 


Earlier this year, we released a study on Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts (QLACs) which proves they improve the probability of success in retirement portfolios.1 After a QLAC was added, many of the scenarios we tested increased to more than 90 percent probability of having $1 in the portfolio at age 95. What surprised me the most was that the largest improvements were for younger ages (ages 55-60) and more conservative clients. We often think of the traditional income annuity buyer as being 65-plus. This study clearly shows that placing an annuity with younger ages is beneficial. 


Any Guaranteed Income is Good

However, it’s not just deferred (QLAC) or immediate income annuities that improve outcomes. The power of guaranteed income is demonstrated case after case. The ability to provide income that the client will always receive is a powerful story. Purchasing the income and allowing the rest of the portfolio to generate less accomplishes two things:

  • It takes pressure of the portfolio to sustain a high withdrawal strategy 
  • It allows the portfolio to be invested with a long-term focus instead of short-term gains for income


These findings work regardless of income now or income later. The ability to take pressure off the portfolio allows the client to invest longer term, which might provide additional tax relief in the form of long-term capital gains versus ordinary income. Guaranteed income can be found in Social Security, defined benefit income payments or commercially purchased annuities. Those are the only vehicles that support mortality credits and provide income for as long as the client lives. 


Winning Strategy

Go to and request your free demonstration of JourneyGuide. I think you will find the tool can change how your clients think and act in retirement. 


About the Author

Mike McGlothlin is a team leader, retirement industry activist and disciple of Indiana Hoosier basketball. In addition to being EVP of retirement at Ash Brokerage, he is a sought-after writer and speaker. His web series, “Winning Strategies,” provides insight and motivation for financial advisors in many forms – blogs, books, videos, podcasts and more. You can get his latest book, “Winning Strategies: The New Rules of Retirement Planning,” on Amazon.


1Ash Brokerage, “QLACS Improve Probability of Retirement Success,” 2018: