Find $10 Million in 30 Minutes

Find $10 Million in 30 Minutes

To grow your business, there’s a lot you can do yourself. Hard work, commitment and the ability to connect with your clients are all up to you.

There are ways we can help, too, when it comes to getting that extra boost.

So this is a straight-up sales pitch: Your partnership with Ash can be the difference between staying where you are and transforming your business.

During a 30-minute call with a retirement income consultant, you can:

  1. Get clients to take time to sit down with you. It’s the start of the summer season. There are graduations and vacations in the works. To get your clients attention, you’ll need content that addresses what they’re thinking about now. Start by listing out 52 questions that your clients usually ask—or that they should be asking. We can help with solutions to those questions, and you have an outline of an entire year’s worth of meaningful topics. A great topic to start with is the potential for changes in Social Security.

  2. Stay on top of Social Security changes. We’re anxiously awaiting the Board of Trustees report on how much, and when, Social Security will be reduced. It’s going to be a major issue that will have a very dramatic effect on the probability of success. And, we have a product solution that can help!

  3. Discover what JourneyGuide can do for your clients. Our retirement income planning software gives you an opportunity to go through an entire retirement income plan with a client in about 15-30 minutes. You can get a good look at where the person stands, how much money they actually spend and how Social Security will impact their retirement. The best part is that you can make changes on the fly, allowing you to quickly look at what-if scenarios. You can test out the proposed Social Security reductions in just seconds.

A repeatable process adds value to your existing clients and makes you more attractive to new prospects. And it allows you to grow your business in ways you never thought. You’ll be able to gather more than $10 million in assets during your call with our retirement income consultants. 


Transformational Tactic

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