Don't Blink

Don't Blink

Don’t blink ... time is flying by!

June was Annuity Awareness Month, and we have completed the first half of 2014. Wow, where has the time gone?   We have seen the markets roller-coastering and the bond market bouncing around.  The S&P is up around 6.2% and the ten-year treasury started at 3% and has been floating around the 2.6% range before hitting a low of 2.4%.

This a great time to step back and look at where we're going. Most of us have kids, grandkids and clients ready to enjoy the summer and head away for some family vacations.  What a great time to make sure we have things in order.

You may be asking yourself, "What does it mean to have things in order?"  Is it choosing a vacation destination or how we will get there?  Or is it about the car being up on maintenance so we can make the trip with ease?  Like most people, we make sure we have things in order before we head off on the road.  So let's give the following financial aspects a second look to make sure we have them checked off, too:

  • Do I have beneficiaries listed for all my assets? (Insurance, 401k, IRA, Annuities or Mutual Funds)
  • Have we protected the ones we care about?   (Have we forgotten someone or need to make an adjustment)
  • Have we just been declined for Insurance or LTC?   (Illness, results of lab work or family history open a can of worms)
  • Is our will up-to-date or advance medical directive in order?

Things happen in the blink of an eye; it feels like we just started the new year and now it's half over.

So, as you touch base with your clients, or see them before they head off for their next family vacation, remember to ask a few questions to make sure they didn’t blink and forget to protect the ones they love most.  It's easy using a fixed index annuity with today’s riders.  It’s not all about rates or caps or spreads - it’s about the right solution for the right situation.

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