Change vs. Virtuosity

Change vs. Virtuosity

The definition of change is to convert or transform. Essentially, we all change year after year as we continue to transform as humans. But real, meaningful change might be better described as virtuosity – the development of great skill or mastery. So, what does it take to become virtuoso?  

Becoming a virtuoso starts with one question: Am I resolved to be the best? If you are resolved to be a virtuoso, you have a purpose or intent to be the best. In doing so, you will do the things necessary to become the best – regardless of time commitments, money or effort. That is a clear difference to just changing.  

As an industry, we have to be resolved to improve the client experience with underwriting, application processing and overall experience. We must commit to making the industry better, and do so in a manner that deploys financial resources, intellectual capital and time commitments from all levels.

We have to change our mindset from just change – because we are changing for the sake of change – to being resolved to make our industry a virtuoso industry. It has to be one that new talent views as a premier place to build a career, where clients seek information and don’t rely on “robo-investing,” and where we deliver true value to clients.  

The Bottom Line: Re-think change to become a virtuoso, and remember the first step is redirecting our mindset.