Build momentum – change the game

Build momentum – change the game

As I was driving home from a recent trip, I listened to an NFL broadcast. It was so good to pass the time with a football game instead of music for once. Anyway, what struck me during the 3.5-hour drive was how many times the momentum changed during the game. You could hear it in the home team’s announcers and sense it as one positive play built on another.

In sales, much like football, momentum can change at a moment’s notice. In football, momentum usually comes from a big play – a turnover, a big run, or a successful long pass. The players’ confidence builds, and more big plays tend to follow. 

In sales, why not control our momentum with big plays? When we’re working on a lot of cases or have ones that we can dig our teeth into, we seem to have more momentum to call clients, bring up possible solutions or convey confidence in our proposals. How do we hold on to that momentum? With focus.

I encourage you to focus on one big play – one idea or strategy. Give it laser focus for the rest of the year. Laser focus means that you own the idea and can tell the story backwards and sideways, you have a defined target market to share the idea with, and you have the support to execute the idea with ease and confidence. When you’re laser focused, you should definitely see a shift in momentum. 

We have to change the momentum in our business. Life insurance ownership remains at industry lows, we continue to look the other way when it comes to protecting wealth from potential market corrections, and we fail to address the 93 percent of Americans who continue to self-insure their long-term care contingent liability. Focus on one idea – one game-changing play – that can propel you for the rest of the year and springboard you into 2015.

The Bottom Line: It just takes one idea or one sale to change the momentum in your business. Find the big play closest to your heart and run hard with it! Be a game-changer for the industry.