Be Ready for Change

Be Ready for Change

Change. Wow, some things sure have changed in the insurance business, while others remain the same. (More on the latter in a bit.)

At the risk of showing my age, I remember selling life insurance out of a rate book. Paper illustrations were next, and now we can display values on an iPad or other mobile device. The same goes with mutual fund sales – they used to include a paper prospectus. Now, a CD delivers the same information.

I just attended our national sales meeting and change was a continuous topic. The message was loud and clear: Be prepared and able to change because change is constant.

The market is always introducing new products, and new strategies to use them. Government regulations and carrier changes can make our jobs more complex, but they can also make things more interesting. 

Don’t forget our clients’ needs are always evolving, too. Retirement planning isn’t what it used to be, and the economy can change without notice. We have to be on our toes if we want to be effective. 

That brings me back to the latter … There are some constants in our business, such as protection and reliability. Clients will always need solutions to give them those things … and they’ll always need professionals like us to deliver them!


Put It In Practice

Be ready for change, but hold on to your beliefs for the solutions we provide. The core of our business will never change.