Be a ‘Go-Giver’ and You’ll Come Out Ahead

Be a ‘Go-Giver’ and You’ll Come Out Ahead

I am not an avid reader. But last winter, my wife received a book called “The Go-Giver,” by Bob Burg and John David Mann.  

I sat down thinking I would only read about one chapter, lose interest, and put the book on my bookshelf to collect dust. Interestingly enough, two hours later I was finished with the book. I was so enamored with it; I sat down and read it again the next day. I was even so inspired that I bought 50 copies to give to some of my top advisors.

I’m not here to give you a book report because I’d like you to actually read this book yourself. But the message is this: Your income is determined by how well you serve others. In an instant gratification society, we are so caught up with, “What is in this for me?” We don’t realize the value we bring to others will take care of us for our lifetimes.

The best example of this is a conversation I had with Jim Ash, the founder of Ash Brokerage. We had a prospective group of advisors – a large opportunity – in our offices in Fort Wayne, and we took them to dinner. Jim discussed with them how we were able to land a few of our larger accounts.

One example was a large mutual Insurance company for which we were going to be a brokerage outlet if they could not place cases with their career company. After a couple of months, the GA’s of this firm had a huge increase in their OWN product line. When they questioned the advisors about what they were doing differently, they said, “Ash Brokerage is giving us positioning ideas on our own product line.” That being said, there was no instant gratification for Ash Brokerage, but this is now one of our largest accounts.

I also have a peer who is a very successful wholesaler in a different product line, and he prides himself on knowing every product available.  When one doesn’t fit, he always recommends one that will. Needless to say, he’s now in upper management at his firm, running the top territory in his company.

The Bottom Line: Your income is always dependent on how well you serve others. If you just do the right things in life, even if there is no instant gratification, you’ll come out ahead.