3 Ways to Protect Against Inflation in Retirement


More Americans are living to age 100 than ever before and the number continues to grow. If you are looking at separating yourself from the competition, you must address the impact of inflation on both income and assets for your retirees.

Some people consider inflation to be the cruelest tax of all. It slowly eats away at the value of the dollar over time. Most people don’t feel it year-by-year. But at some point in the future, the client will wake up and say they can’t afford the same things they did at the beginning of retirement. That’s on us.

One of the best strategies to protect income erosion is to maximize guaranteed income streams that have inflation protection. Below are a few examples.

  1. Social Security – This income stream has a built-in inflation hedge with annual increases tied to an index reflecting consumer price increases. If you position Social Security correctly, and leverage its growth past Full Retirement Age, the higher income grows with the index. This provides a higher likelihood that the retiree will be able to afford the same things in 20 years that they do today.
  1. Guaranteed Income Annuities – With any asset that you control, you can leverage the power of guaranteed income options available on some annuities. It’s important to realize that any person should limit the amount of funds that go into annuities to the proper allocation. If too much of a person’s assets go into a conservative vehicle like annuities, it can actually decrease the probability of retirement success.
  1. Inflation Riders – Several income riders can provide increases tied to the underlying index. Single-premium annuities have options for a guaranteed 3-5 percent inflation adjustment. You need to understand the client’s risk tolerance before deciding which solution is appropriate for them. Maintaining control is an important aspect with many clients that should not be overlooked.

Regardless of the solution you provide for inflation, make sure you don’t make your client sacrifice their standard of living due to loss of buying power.


Winning Strategies

Protect clients from inflation. Make sure not only their assets but also the income streams increase with inflation during retirement.

Winning Strategies

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