Protection Products

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Is LTC Really That Expensive?

The truth behind the numbers is simple. It’s more expensive NOT to have a LTC plan in place.
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Why Self-Fund if You Don’t Have To?

If your clients are considering self-funding, you need to walk them through the numbers.
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Why Spouses May Want to Consider Joint LTC

Spouses share a lot of things – house, cars, kids, bank accounts. Why not long-term care insurance?


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A Winning Perspective on Losing

Make sure there’s a source of guaranteed income so your clients have confidence that they won’t have to stage a comeback – they’re already set up for the win.
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Longevity: The New Three-Legged Stool

Just like the traditional three-legged stool of financial planning, longevity presents its own three-legged approach at the government, corporate and individual levels.
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4 Strategies for Rising Interest Rates (That You Might Have Forgotten)

Some will seem foreign to clients, as well as financial professionals, due to the time lag since they have been last deployed.

Ash Skyline Plaza

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Skyline Garage Awarded Best Project

Midwest Engineering News-Record awards garage Best Project for a government or public building
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It's Official! The Ribbon is Cut

Ceremony marks grand opening of Ash Brokerage headquarters
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We're Home!

Entire Fort Wayne team officially moved in at the Ash Skyline Plaza

Industry Trends

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Year in Review: The numbers that mattered in 2017

In business, it’s easy to get caught up in the numbers. As 2017 comes to a close, I find myself focusing at some figures more than others.
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First Impressions: Internships at Ash Brokerage

We recently asked our interns an important question: What was your first impression of Ash Brokerage?
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Raising Hammers, Funds and Awareness: Women Build 2017

As part of Habitat for Humanity's Women Build, more than 40 women from our team came together in a special way.