Planning for Retirement

For many clients, retirement goals are simple: accumulate enough money to maintain their current lifestyle after they retire. In the face of challenges such as inflation, market risk and living longer, it’s important to plan carefully.

Higher risk products have the potential for greater returns, however, there is a possibility of losing your money.  There are lower risk options where money is guaranteed a certain amount of interest, but they don't offer the interest-crediting potential of the higher risk options. Somewhere in between, there are annuity products, which can provide a higher return with protection from risk.

So, what exactly is an annuity?

In it's simplest form, an annuity is an agreement between a consumer and an insurance company with a guarantee, usually for guaranteed income or interest. Check out this overview video from one of our insurance carrier partners:

fixed vs indexed annuities


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Your financial future should not be complicated.  Get in touch with your financial advisor today and ask how to put your money to work for you.

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