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Northeast Indiana Values

Ash Brokerage is proud to be headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and is a supporter of the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership. Following extensive research of local residents, it was determined that an honest assessment of our region includes the following values:

Time-honored American strength


As a region, Northeast Indiana represents what it truly means to be American. Since 1794, our tenacious drive to succeed is matched only by our unwavering resolve and strength. Together, we collaborate toward a shared vision of growth and an ever-stronger community. Hard work, innovative craftsmanship and a “don’t quit” mentality are a foundation for all we do.

Spirit of Collaboration


As a region, we know that the contribution of many trumps the success of the individual every time. We count on each other and value our sense of team and family, creating and leveraging partnerships and working together. We are united for the common good.

Progressive leadership


The pride and confidence of our region is rooted in our constant determination and creative ability to adapt. As leaders, we move forward despite opposition, to persevere and advance our community. We take calculated risks to realize progress, all founded by our industrious attitude and dependable people.

Uphold and embrace


We endeavor to progress while respecting our heritage. Likewise, we aspire to leave a legacy for future generations, by strengthening our community through a spirit of inclusiveness. The region seeks to honor the best in our traditions, while maintaining openness to new ones.

Big-hearted hospitality


As a region, our friendliness and hospitality are a guiding force for how visitors perceive us. We welcome visitors with an easy-going smile and a welcoming hand. Our region empowers and encourages communities to be respectful of others and look out for our neighbors.

Northeast Indiana


The pride and confidence of Northeast Indiana is rooted in our constant determination and creative ability to adapt. We are a community that moves forward to lead and manufacture solutions – taking calculated risks to realize meaningful progress.

When genuine strength is unleashed throughout the region, things grow; this is a place that knows a thing or two about growth and strength. As individuals gain confidence and ability – supported by the community – it translates to energy and momentum that builds the region. Northeast Indiana unlocks and inspires strength in people, personally and professionally, and that’s a force not easily stopped.

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