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Policy Owners Services Specialist – Location: Fort Wayne, IN

The Policy Owner Services Specialist reviews all forms for accuracy and completeness submitted in conjunction with a policy owner service request. Additionally, he or she will follow up on that pending request to ensure all requirements are completed correctly and provide a high level of service.

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Accounting Manager – Location: Fort Wayne, IN

You love numbers (obviously, you wouldn’t be in accounting if you didn’t), and complexity, and the prospect of an ever-changing landscape in front of you. Of course, you’re into the usual things like audit, financial statement preparation, and tax duties, but you’re also interested in creating and improving processes. You’re interested in leading and developing others, and being part of an organization that is pushing its industry into the future. If this sounds like you, please continue.

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New Business Admin – Location: Fort Wayne, IN

The new business data entry admin will review applications for completeness, verify state compliance forms and ensure information is accurate. In addition, the NB admin will data enter the application into the appropriate database

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Application Fulfillment Specialist – Location: Fort Wayne, IN

You’re a sharp, service-minded individual who doesn’t shy away from complex or difficult situations. You love talking to people and can confidently manage the myriad tasks that are thrown at you. You’re not satisfied with an outcome that’s good enough; you want the best for your client. Your detail and follow up are impeccable, and maybe you’re passionate about insurance. If this sounds like you, keep reading.

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Contract Manager – Location: Fort Wayne, IN

You’re a sharp, business-minded individual with a focus on providing an exceptional experience for your client. You can easily prioritize and shift gears when the situation requires you to. You’re always looking for ways to increase your knowledge and improve how you do things, and you strive for excellence. Does this sound like you? Continue reading.

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Customer Service Consultant – Location: Fort Wayne, IN

The Customer Service Consultant is responsible for ensuring a great experience for agents when they contact us with inquiries regarding contracting and commissions. Key elements of this position are accuracy, timeliness, courtesy, sense of urgency and customer focus. You are expected to support the Producer Services team vision of creating an exceptional agent experience with creative and efficient processes and having a team-first approach.

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Plan Administration Analyst – Location: Fort Wayne, IN

You’re passionate about sales and building relationships, and you believe one cannot exist without the other. You love finding the right solution for each individual, rather than a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach. You can see the big picture and the minute details of a transaction. You want a fast-paced environment, and you’re hungry to succeed. A passion for insurance doesn’t hurt, either.

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Join the Zenith Marketing Team      

The following positions are available through Zenith Marketing Group. Headquartered in Freehold, New Jersey, Zenith merged with Ash Brokerage in April 2018.

Brokerage Manager – Location: Freehold, NJ

ZenithLogo.pngYou'll sell and support life insurance solutions to clients of independent insurance agents, financial advisors, CPAs, CFPs and other retail consumer facing financial professionals. Your role is all about developing and maintaining relationships, then providing sales ideas, technical and product expertise, point of sale assistance and sales support including illustrations, marketing materials, applications and forms.

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Annuity Case Manager – Location: Freehold, NJ

ZenithLogo.pngAn Annuity Case Manager is a full case manager in that he/she processes new business, obtains and reacts to pending new business status and handles any problems that arise during the case issue process. In addition, a Case Manager may be assigned his/her own areas to manage and may be asked to work on special projects.

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