Protection Products

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Protection and Longevity

We can't predict the future, but we can take certain financial steps to take risks off the table, and plan for today as much as tomorrow!
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Life Insurance: Changing up the Traditional Recipe

Just like your holiday traditions, life insurance is based on: Loving others and expressing that love through giving!
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Ask an Underwriter: Why should clients be screened for diabetes?

November is American Diabetes Month and, ironically, the month for pumpkin pie! But … diabetes is about far more than skipping or modifying dessert.


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Simplicity in Business

I’m always surprised about how the simplest and most direct statements are often the most valuable. Look at the simple aspects of your client relationships.
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Advantages in the Uncertainty of Rates

Take advantage of the uncertainty in interest rates to help improve your client's position!
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Important Demographic Shifts

Understanding how consumer behavior over the last two decades will impact how retirement income planning will evolve in our future.

Ash Skyline Plaza

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Skyline Garage Awarded Best Project

Midwest Engineering News-Record awards garage Best Project for a government or public building
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It's Official! The Ribbon is Cut

Ceremony marks grand opening of Ash Brokerage headquarters
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We're Home!

Entire Fort Wayne team officially moved in at the Ash Skyline Plaza

Industry Trends

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Finding Light in the Dark

You can’t always control what kind of challenges life will throw at you. But, you can always choose how you respond.
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A Year of Gratitude

It’s hard to believe that not only is Thanksgiving almost here, but the end of the year is also fast approaching.
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Making a Difference for Our Community

Our employees give back in many ways. We offer several opportunities to serve others through organized events and activities.